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I am a 2nd year master student at Brown Univeristy. I am interested in computer vision research and its synergy with LLM and embodied agents.

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Greetings my friend! I am Qi Zhao, 2nd year master student at Brown University. Feel free to refer me as Kevin. Here at Brown, I work with the awesome professor Chen Sun on deep learning and computer vision. I also work with the amazing professor George Konidaris in building multimodal embodied agents. Before I came to Brown, I worked at Zoo Capital, an leading investment institution in Shanghai, China. I received my Bachelor of Science degree from NYU Stern, double majored in Finance and Mathematics in 2021.

Currently, my research focuses on bridging large language models with computer vision. Particularly, I am working on incorporating the emergent reasoning capabilities of LLMs into action anticipation from videos. I also work on bridging multimodal learning with embodied agent, which I believe will faciliate the development of artificial general intelligence. Specifically, I am interested in investigating how can LLMs faciliate goal-conditioned action planning.

In my free time, I watch movies, play boardgames and advise start-ups. I am always down for a chat in AI, sports, and good food:)


AntGPT: Can Large Language Model Help Long-term Action Anticipation from Videos?

Qi Zhao*, Ce Zhang*, Shijie Wang, Changcheng Fu, Nakul Agarwal, Kwonjoon Lee, Chen Sun


[project website] [arXiv] [code coming soon]

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Email: qi_zhao [at] brown [dot] edu